Jorge V. Gavilondo - Cuban Photography


I was born in 1949 in Chicago, and moved to Havana in 1950, when my Cuban parents decided to return back home.  After many years of shooting film as an aficionado, in 2001 I switched to digital photography and started working part time as a professional freelance photographer.

At present, most of my time is used producing fine art photography, and assisting foreign photographers, photographic schools, and other organizations in  their Cuba visits and/or photographic programs. I also teach digital photography post-processing techniques in Cuba and elsewhere.

I am a member of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC). 

This website shows the photographic work I have done for the last 17 years, mainly in Cuba, in the subjects I am interested the most. You can start with the selected images slideshow on your left (or the top, depending on your viewing device), or move directly to the Folders below.

The Folders are organized according to themes: (a) documentary ("street") photography  in Havana and in other Cuban cities and towns, (b) specific photo projects and essays (Cubans of all Ages, Doors of Cuba, and Countryside Soul), (c) nature photography, -with birds in first place-, (d) dance and ballet photography, and (e) political photography.

The site has also folders that show the work of my two sons, Jorge Gustavo and José Víctor, which are part of the Gavilondo Studio.

Prints of different sizes and in a variety of supports can be directly ordered from the website, and will be delivered to your door, worldwide. For questions about non-priced images, photo licensing, on-site assignments, my full bio, and the workshops I teach, please contact me at: jorge.gavilondo@infomed.sld.cu

I have published several books on Cuba Photography using Blurb, that you can access to and purchase by searching in their site (www.blurb.com) under my  name (Jorge Victor Gavilondo).

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